• Track Inspired Design

• Taller Height provides comfortable shifting

• Built from High Grade Acetyl Copolymer

• Built in the USA

RT1 Composite Shift Knob

  • The MPC RT1 Composite Shift Knob is designed for the true enthusiast.  Our composite version blends the high strength you expect with a light weight feel.  Due to the nature of this material, our RT1 Composite shift knob resists severe temperature changes in Summer and Winter seasons. The ergonomic design makes for comfortable and quick shifting during spirited driving.

  • • M8x1.25 (AUTO Honda/Acura, etc)

    • M10x1.25 (Nissan, Mazda, etc)

    • M10x1.50 (Honda, Acura, etc)

    • M12x1.25 (Subaru, Scion, etc)

    • M12x1.50 (RX7, VW etc)