• Perfect Length for seamless installation

• High quality, corrosion resistant 
• Durable, Stainless Steel high pressure line

• One complete line for better clutch feel and less chance of leakage.

K Swap Clutch Line

  • After your K Swap has been dropped in, we know how anxious you are to get it out on the road.


    Needless to say, a clutch line may not be at the top of your swap parts list, but it’s a critical component to get your vehicle moving.


    Our clutch line has been created in order to connect your clutch slave cylinder to your clutch master cylinder. Your stock clutch line will simply not bolt up, and the fittings may not be compatible.


    The MPC Motorsport Clutch line creates a bolt-in solution, and allows the motion from the clutch pedal to be transferred to the clutch fork.