✧ Hundred Proof Hardware™ by MPC ✧

Stainless Steel Engine Hardware Kit

• Get rid of those old, corroded factory bolts! 
• Precision CNC Machined Billet Washers 
• High Strength Stainless Steel Bolts

Hundred Proof SR20 Engine Hardware

  • Our 110+pc Kit Includes Stainless Bolts & Hundred Proof Billet Washers to Replace:


    • Valve Cover

    • Coilpack Cover 

    • Cam Angle Sensor
    • Waterneck
    • Dipstick
    • Turbo Elbow
    • Fuel Pressure Regulator
    • Fuel Injectors 
    • Fuel Rail 
    • Fuel Feed Line
    • Fuel Return Line
    • Throttle Body 
    • Throttle Cable Bracket
    • Intake Grounds


    DISCLAIMER:  These products are anodized.  They may discolor or fade over time from extended exposure to UV rays, abrasives, or certain cleaning solutions.

  • Valve Cover 
    • Converts Valve Cover from Studs to Bolts
    • Valve Cover may be removed for easier access to studs


    *Pictures are for reference - exact bolt count may differ slightly depending on Engine series & model.