Hundred Proof Hardware™ by MPC


03-07 Infiniti G35 Engine Bay Hardware Kit


• Get rid of those old, corroded factory bolts!

• Precision CNC Machined Billet Washers

• High Strength Stainless Steel Bolts

G35 Engine Bay Hardware

  • Our 112pc Kit Includes Stainless Bolts, Hundred Proof Billet Washers & Anti-Scratch Rubber Grommets to replace the following:


    • Hood Hinges

    • Fenders

    • Headlights

    • Core Support

    • Cam Covers

    • Wire Harness Brackets

    • Ground Wires

    • VTC Solenoids

    • Hood Latch

    • Power Steering Reservoir




    This kit also includes high strength nuts to replace the following:


    • Brake Master Cylinder

    • Clutch Master Cylinder

    • Strut Tower Nuts


    DISCLAIMER:  These products are anodized.  They may discolor or fade over time from extended exposure to UV rays, abrasives, or certain cleaning solutions.